Unit: Quantico
POC: Erin Ganson, Unit Commander
Phone: 540-324-3746
Deadline to submit a complete application is Saturday, October 31st for 2021 Recruit Class!
Please read the following and if, for any reason you still have questions, please feel free to contact us by emailing at quantico@youngmarines.com.

What is required to become a Young Marine?

Youth members must be at least 8 years old and have not completed High School.

You will also need the following:
  • Birth Certificate and Social Security Card (for verification purposes only)
  • Immunization Record
  • Recent Physical Exam or School Sports Physical (less than one year old)
  • Copy of Medical Insurance Card (front and back)

What is involved in Recruit Training?

To become a Young Marine, all youth members must complete Recruit Training. Recruit Training is designed to teach the recruits the basics of what it means to be a Young Marine. Recruits will learn:
  • Teamwork, Leadership, and Discipline
  • Close Order Drill
  • Military Terms and Jargon
  • Marine Corps Enlisted Rank Structure
  • Uniform Care and Maintenance
  • Physical Fitness
  • Military Customs and Courtesies
  • And More!

Where can I get more information on the Young Marines?

General information on the Young Marines Organization can be found at https://youngmarines.com/. Please take the time to read over all the information on the Headquarters site with paying special attention to https://youngmarines.com/public/page/WhatWeDo.

Another good resource to look at is the Quantico Young Marines Facebook page.  This will give you a good idea as to what the unit itself is involved in.  Every unit is different, so if you are checking out others, make sure you ask yourself when evaluating other units - Looking at the unit's activities and activity level, is this something my child can participate and be a contributing member of?  How much time am I willing to up into a unit such as this? What can my child offer to this unit?

Read the Quantico Young Marines Parent Guidebook.  This will give you a feel for what is expected from your child, your obligation to the unit, and what can be expected from the unit.  This will also give you an idea of how much time participating in something like this would take from your family's schedule.

Remember, it isn't you who is joining - unless you are an adult interested in volunteering.  It is your child, if accepted, who would be obligated to an organization such as this.  It is important that you sit down with your child, go over all this information and discuss with him/her whether this is the right program given his/her current schedule.  This program is year-round; we expect our Young Marines to remain in the program for a prolonged period of time. Retirement within the program is not achieved until 5 years of service, just to give you an idea of the obligation.?

I want to be considered! What's Next?

Currently we are accepting inquiries from those that are serious enough about taking the next stepwe are requiring that your application be fully completed and submitted by NLT 2200 Sunday 31 OctoberPlease keep in mind, that due to the time constraints and capabilities of our current staff and how many spots we have available in our unit, space is limited. Please understand that not everyone that applies will make it in unfortunately. For those that make it past this point, further instruction will be given.  

Things to keep in mind if you make it past the 1st Round:
  • If your child is accepted and chooses to continue to the 2nd Round, payment is due IN FULL at the New Join Orientation.
  • Approx. 1 1/2 months' worth of online courses of formal class instruction (twice a week for 2 hours) on the Young Marines.
  • 2-3 4 hour in persion Training Meetings will be held throughout the following months - Saturdays.
  • If restrictions are lifted - an overnight 2-day Encampment will be held for Recruits.  Parents are to attend a short session after the encampment upon pickup.
  • Graduation.
*** All of the above events & meetings are REQUIRED AND MANDATED. If any one of these are not completed, the recruitment process will end for your child and your child will have to restart the next recruitment.  There are absolutely no refunds on recruitment payments at any time. ***

I understand what is expected! How do I start the process?
  1. Ensure that you have read the Parent Guidebook in its entirety.  This is so you understand exactly what your child is signing up for.  
  2. Once you have read the Parent Guidebook, only then, should you submit an online Inquiry Form. Please fill out the form in its entirety; incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Remember: an inquiry form needs to be filled out per EACH interested child.  It is important for you and your family to understand each one of your child’s obligations and willingness in participating in an organization such as this.  Even if you have multiple children applying, each will be evaluated on their readiness individually. As a heads up, as part of the online Inquiry Form, the Parent Guidebook Acknowledgement Form (the last page of the Parent Guidebook) must be signed and uploaded as part of your submission. Just the last page of the Parent Guidebook needs to be uploaded please.
Please note that the Inquiry Form is NOT the application. The inquiry form is the first step, a complete application is the second step.  Part of the application requires your child to go to the doctor to get a school physical done have our physical examination paperwork be filled out.  We suggest making that appointment ASAP.  That needs to be done in order to have a COMPLETE application. An application needs to be fully completed and submitted by NLT 2200 Sunday 31 October. The next recruit class will not be until 2022.

I want to help!  How to I get involved as an adult?
Registered volunteers in the Young Marines are adults age 18 and up who possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Every volunteer has been background checked and verified through character references. Clcik on the link below to inquiry about becoming an Adult Volunteer with the Quantico Unit!

  • Do you wish to Join or Volunteer at our Unit?
  • Click the Join/Volunteer button below to begin the application process
  • Do you wish to contact our unit with a question or comment unrelated to Joining or Volunteering?
  • Click the Contact Unit button below to fill out a contact unit form
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