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Hello and thank you for visiting the Capital City Young Marines unit page!  Our unit is based in Cary, NC and serves Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding areas. Capital City, known as CCYM, is a dynamic group of Young Marines from all walks of life. 

Our Young Marines and Young Marine Recruits learn and practice the same leadership skills used by the U.S. Marine Corps, which is taught to them by Young Marines under the supervision of U.S. Marines and Young Marine Alumni. We don’t teach military tactics or warfare skills. We do promise to instill confidence in you and teach you how to lead using the best leadership model there is! We’ll also teach you how to be part of a team - because you can’t lead without learning how to follow first.

The focus of our unit is “Young Marines leading Young Marines.” That means in every area of our unit a Young Marine is running the show! Adult Volunteers provide mentoring and guide Young Marines as needed, but place the emphasis on the Young Marines to take responsibility, make decisions, and lead the unit to success. Adult Volunteers are here to support you - YOU are here to accept the challenges of leadership!

CCYM is a challenging unit that will test your physical and mental courage and limits. We only ask that you dig deep and give it your all. It's YOUR responsibility to do the work, make the commitment, and overcome the challenges…if you want it bad enough.

We welcome anyone who desires to take on the challenge of earning the title Young Marine! We won’t promise that it’ll be easy, only worthwhile and a huge accomplishment! 

The Marines have a saying… “We don’t promise you a rose garden.”

Well, Capital City has our own saying... Do you have what it takes to be a Young Marine? 


We make Young Marines and we prepare them to be life-long leaders.


To provide a battlefield of challenges of various difficulties that each Young Marine will face to build their self-confidence, strengthen inner resolve, and allow them to prove to themselves their self-worth. And, provide a safe, supervised, and forward-thinking environment for Young Marines to lead others and run the unit through the Marine Corps' leadership model. We shall call this concept "Young Marines leading Young Marines."

                              HOW WE DO IT

1) By using tried and true leadership training created by the Marine Corps through the use of close-order drill, physical training, Young Marine led instruction, service-honored traditions, and community service to our country, veterans, and communities.

2) To strengthen and develop our young leaders into well-rounded leaders and members of society, we enforce a drug-free lifestyle, commitment to physical fitness, instill core values, and develop ethical behavior.

3) Most importantly, build a culture of belonging, family, and espirit de corps by honoring our strong traditions handed down to us from the Marine Corps through the Marine Corps League.

Check out our website at www.capcityym.com!

Or, check our our pages the left hand side titled "CCYM Recruit Training," "Young Marines," and "Contact / Join Unit" for more information!  

Accept the challenges of becoming a Young Marine. Click below or email us at recruiting@capcityym.com! 

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